Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

April, 2021

Keep on Packin’

Keep on packin’And don’t be lackin’What you needTo defend and be freedOf those who oppress with greedAnd who cannot heedThose simple commandsTo work and to feedTheir family and contributeRather than taking another’s loot.Yeah, you gonna get the bootIf not bullet to the gutIf you wanna just strutAround like some punkPlaying with somebody’s junkWhen it ain’t […]

Got a Conspiracy?

Conspiracies?  Shitcheah! All it takes is two sinners And there you are!  So how many are out there?  You just can’t count ’em all! Every time you turn around Some fool be runnin’ down Some crazy connivin’ funk Messin’ ’round wid all dat junk Tryin’ to screw up the world Mad cause he can’t get […]

Nationalism and Abortion Intolerance

Nationalism, like family, is a principle, and a good, worth promoting and defending.  Both are blessings from God.  He ordained these social organizations.  And, yes, they change as people relocate or die.  The boundaries of nations also change from time to time. And so do the boundaries of families when new associations are formed in […]

Swifter Than a Gazelle

(2 Sam. 2:17-28) There were Joab, Abishae and Asahel And Asahel was swift as a gazelle Pursuing Abner not turning left or right Abner looked behind and said, “Is that really you?” “Chasin’ my ass!  So what I gonna do?” He answered and said, “Yeah, it is I” (20) Abner said, “Well you gonna have […]

Rings and Things

I’ve lost few over the years Caused some frustration and tears And rightfully deserved some jeers. Jut can’t keep track of such things So small and elusive are those rings! Don’t know how to come through it Wish there was a way to intuit! Maybe some song I could sing Or dance or do something […]

Keepin’ on Track

I sit and pray and I meditate And thoughts arise while in that state. Words come to mind and I just pen One after another to the end Of lines that total about eighteen And by then it’s time to wean Myself from paper, pen, and chair, No longer at walls and fire to stare. […]

The Death of Saul

El al (1 Samuel 31:1-13; 2 Sam. 1:1-9) Fleeing from those Philistines They were slain at Mr. Gilboa Jonathan and Abinadab and even Melchishua Yeah, ’twas a real “Sock-it-to-yah”! Well the war went hard on Saul Shot him with bows and arrows Said Saul to his man, “Draw your sword and pierce me through.” But […]

BLM Bullshit

Anybody calling out these left-wing punks?  These anarchist, pro-abort, commie frauds posing as champions of racial justice?  The cause for this particular rant is the report on the conviction of Officer Derek Chauvin.  I know nothing the man’s personal life; I have only read of the tragic death which occurred in the line of duty […]

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