Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

December, 2020

A Grave Decision

The decision to terminate An unwanted abortionist Is a grave one, indeed!  Think of the wife of the murdererWho thought the man she married A doctor and not a butcher Of those babies and then surely Suffering from the trauma And discovering the truth And is in need of therapy And deliverance happilyFrom the mess […]

Fires and Chestnuts – Not

‘Taint about open fires. Not about chestnuts neither. ‘S all about the Savior The Lord of the nations! We get stuck on those nuts Trying to have a celebration About the Lord of creation!How he came down as a man To work out His plan. For in the beginning sin Took the world to a […]

Forty Whacks

Forty whacks is the max; You cannot give them more! If they can’t conduct themselves, Throw them out the door. But bring about correction Lest you rear a whore. Give them love and direction Needed all the more For rebels and disputants Looking for the chance When they can distance Themselves from correctionForsaking divine protection […]

Father of Eleven

Father of eleven Grandfather of fifteen Eve Elizabeth Was born! Whoopee! And what may one say About this very day? That God has blessed Our family and wrested Us from this world’s grip, Sustaining us ever by that sip Of the supper we take Every week with our friends, Those followers of Him Who have […]

Coming Out on Top

How about that Brahms composin’ In the shadow of Beethoven?Think it’s tough to follow the team Who has been the champs? Got nothin’ to gain in fame And all to lose in the battle. But in this place and time You were saddled By the One who guides mankind Leaving no one chosen behind. And […]

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a time of celebration When out come those meridian decorations And friends come by to share Food, talk, and moderate inebriation. Got lots to eat and drink, Share the news, the blues, and think About the time we’ll have above When nothing separates the love That God would lavish upon us Who are […]

What Choo Know, China Joe?

What choo know, China Joe? Got some babies you can kill? Give the momma a pill? Or suck that baby out With a tube and a knife Take that little one’s very life? You’re no better than a robber Come to take from the house, Sneaky as a lowly mouse: Anything that you can find, […]

To Name the Grands!

Of grandkid names I got a plan An idea for you To name the grands! How about an Igor or Gustavo No big deal if you don’t go For it. Of course I know A sovereign thing for you To do is name your own. You’re all alone On that decision, So you make no […]

Godless People

Godless people are really not. They can’t escape Him But will be brought Right up before His throne To answer the charges: Rejection of all He has shown Of Himself  in creation And by the sensation Brought to mind in elation Found to abound Everywhere on the planet And  seen by the simplest Of people […]

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