Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2013

Of Double Standard “Atrocity” Critics

19 May, 2004 Dear Editor, I was grateful for the rebuke from Bob Robinson of “the Left” – he did not so name them- (see “Modern day My Lai a Hypocrisy,” WNJ, 19 May).  There are those who hypocritically find atrocities in anything our soldiers did in Viet Nam while overlooking the super-holocaust deeds of […]

Flying the Flag(s)

17 July 2007 To bar or not to bar the (Confederate) flag at fair booths is the question asked and answered by the editor (Journal, 17 July 2007).  Mr. Huffenberger alleges the flag to be “an emblem of slavery,” a “racist symbol” unbefitting the “fairground landscape.” Before attempting to utter a word in defense of […]

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