Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

August, 2011

Hunting for justice

On October 23, 1998, Bernard Slepian, abortionist, was terminated in New York. Hunting for justice in an insane, upside down world By Cathy Ramey Research assistance: Joe Washburn Christians have a tough task these days. BANG! A bullet flies and a man is dead. There was a time when it could be expected that the […]

Moderate Rejoicing?

CACN, Spring, 1999 I’m confused.  It seems we are supposed to rejoice when the wicked are overcome with death, resulting in relief for the oppressed. Where we read things like, “I have seen the violent, wicked man spreading himself like a luxuriant tree in its native soil.  Then he passed away, and lo, he was […]

Judge Brennan

CACN, Fall 1997 Justice William Brennan To hell with him.  He died at 91 on 24 July, having been granted many long years to meditate upon his wicked life, repent, and receive the gift of eternal life in the Lord Jesus.  Frank Murray summarizes his work on the Supreme Court as that which “the Warren […]

The Restoration of Fatherhood

6 March 2006 The Restoration of Fatherhood (Or Some Fresh Ideas for Promise Keepers) INTRODUCTION AND DEDICATION Ensconced in this small Christian town in southwestern Ohio, we have been enjoying a change in pace. Our annual March for Life, advertised on the courthouse lawn, drew about 50 people; absolutely no opposition. Shifting my efforts over […]

Focus on the Family

Michael Bray 8 September, 2003 The execution of our brother, Paul Hill on the third of September was not met with silence from the heavens.  There was a response in the atmosphere.  The gathered, dark clouds in the minutes before the execution were featured in the pictures of several newspapers the following day.   On the […]

Some Tips on Revitalizing Your Marriage

“Postcard .   .   . from the Edge” The outlandish bi-monthly article prepared for our flagship Life Advocate magazine 7 February, 1998, Anno Domini For the month of our Lord, March Some Tips on Revitalizing Your Marriage My Jayne has been dancing like a gazelle about the house since late January.  She is altogether beautiful.  And […]

Communists and Christians: Blocking Access

Michael Bray February, 2008 Not all folks who oppose the war in Iraq are Communists.  But most of those engaged in the harassment of the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley are.[1]  Why is it that Communists block access to young people who want to volunteer to fight their country’s wars, but they oppose and obstruct  […]

A Suitor’s Qualifications

The following, published in Capitol Area Christian News in 1997, generated no successful suitors. And to this day, none of our nine daughters are married! But they are all engaged in noble and gainful employment. We are thankful for their love for us and honor they have always showed us, and for their devotion to […]


28 July 2011 Government Determined to Preserve Baby Butchery Tolerates No Real Dissenters. The following report was written a year after the first abortionist was terminated intentionally by a defender of the innocents, Michael Griffin, in Pensacola, and after the federal government burned the Branch Davidian religionists in WACO. About a month after this report, […]

Kicking The Ass of Face

August, 2011 The Rule of Christ in the Face of FACE When a government abandons the Law of God as the foundation for its laws, it reels with confusion until it substitutes another standard. But all replacements will fail because there are none who have the right to be a standard. Not Marx, neither the […]

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