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Abortionists and Terminations

Abortionist Shortage

Here follows an excerpt from the “National News” section of the Spring, 1999 issue of Capitol Area Christian News.  It references the excellent work of Mark Crutcher and Life Dynamics in documenting the growing shortage of “abortion providers” (for which we cannot avoid thanking the “dead-abortionist providers.”)  The trend has not altered up to the […]

Rejoicing in the Death of the Wicked

The following was written in the midst of all and in response to the many loud voices decrying the termination of Tiller the Killer by Scott Roeder. 2 June 2009 Rejoicing in the Death of the Wicked Sometimes we would be nicer than Jesus. Rather than fume at the hypocrite teachers and leaders who mislead […]

The Popularity of Abortionist Terminators

9 August 2011 The following note to a writer with the Buffalo News was in response to an article he wrote which listed a number of activists who condemned the killing of Abortionist Bernard Slepian. It was sent by email on 21 Nov., 2002 to Lou Michel at the following address: lmichel@buffnews.com Hello Lou! Good […]

Who Will You Blame?

8 June 2009 Who Will You Blame? The question in the song is completed with a second line in the verse, “Should you perish in eternal flame?” It was sung by a Neo-Christian band called Lamb in the mid 70s. The Jewish converts to Christianity put out several songs sprinkled with some catchy traditional Hebrew […]

Retributive vs. Defensive Action

CACN, Spring, 1999 Retributive vs. Defensive Action From time to time it is good to remind our readers of some important doctrinal distinctions regarding the use of force. As we have clarified repeatedly in myriad interviews, retributive force is the province of the civil authorities who bear the sword Lawfully under the Laws of God; […]

That Other Toronto Blessing –

CACN, Spring, 1996 How about it? Those canucks are really something. Two wounded in a year! November 8 in ’94 and 10 in ’95. Romalis in the thigh bone; Short in the right elbow. Jingoists that we are, we expect it’s one of our boys (or girls). Reports from the Toronto Sun say a blonde […]

Dearth of Abortionists

CACN, Spring, 1999 Shortage of Abortionists (Excerpts from “The Radical Fringe”) Buffalo blessings “In the weeks after [the abortion of Abortionist Slepian] on Oct., 23, four workers – a fourth of the clinic’s staff – quit, with some saying their families could no longer endure the threat of violence and others explaining they were simply […]

Answering the Nervously Confused

February, 2010 The following reply follows some communication which I do not possess. As I recall, a Mr. Palmquist was criticizing Dan Holman for failing to use force to stop abortionists. Since Dan had defended the likes of Scott Roeder for his action in terminating Abortionist George Tiller, Mr. Palmquist charged Dan with hypocrisy for […]

Spotlight on Alberto

September, 2008 Spotlight on Alberto Abortionist Alberto Hodari delivered a lecture at Scott Hall on the Medical Campus at Wayne State University in Detroit on November 9, 2007. The title of the abortionist’s 50-minute speech was – what else? – “Why I am an Abortion Provider.” It was filmed by Students for Life of America […]

Abstaining from Terminating Abortionists: An Apology

Michael Bray July, 2010 Abstaining from Terminating Abortionists: An Apology (A defense for those who refrain from exercising the right to terminate an unwanted abortionist) Prefatory Considerations I have not opined recently at any length on the great subject at hand because just about all that need be said has already been articulated and inscribed […]

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