Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill



Huh! “Woke”? The “Hip!” of the 60s Up to date, morally tuned, “Enlightened” “Progressive” “On top of it” “Cool” A fresh expression To refer to the alleged prophetic, Wise, insightful person (Well,  those who follow His Word Are “Woke”! No joke.) We are “woke” to His Word And by His Word we – The people […]


(Encouragement for those singles out there) Moved by a puckHe was urgentTo find the ladyHe knewCould bring himThe joy of a lifetimeOnce in the marital room.He searched high and lowRight, left and below.No terrain he wouldNot attempt.And as he went onThe thought did dawn:The woman he chasedWas not worthy!Noble enough was heBut no better was […]

The “Woke” Folk

The “Woke” folk Like the hippies before them The Godless left Are all quite bereft Of that Standard. That Law from God Takes us from the sod From which all came To death’s great maw And raises us again Even saves us From sin and death. Oh the corruption And His interruption Of the course […]

A Noble Woman

She was an ambitious girlAnd I, condescending,Took up her pleasAnd we did marry.On we went from my stageTo stage children aplentyAnd many were the blessingsThey brought us.But much holier is sheThan the pious “me.”Set apart was IFor His business – the Word.She took up the call to unionOf man and woman for life,That office of […]

A Nation Guilty

The whole damned nation is guiltyDemocrats for advocatingRepublicans for toleratingFive decades of baby butchery.We are a sick peopleAll worthy of death.Repentance alone will save usAnd only by the graceOf the One who died for peopleOf every nation.His mercy is more precious than gold.No time for shyness, but to be boldAnd revolt against the slaughtersOf sons […]

From Renoir to Playboy

Like the curves of a naked body From Renoir to Playboy The lines of life intrigue us And catch us off our guard. The beauty and the power Of strokes from brush and ink Drive us to lift our minds above And give the Lord a think, Who made those pretty creatures From whom the […]

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