Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill



With that song played incessantly on the Christian radio in mind . . . You bore me with lousy lyrics Play them many times a day Take them away, take ’em away From me-ee-ee Take them away, take them away From me-e-e-e-e Sing your praise to God above Talk about His might love He is […]

Adoniah Surely Gonna Die Today.

1 K. 2:24-38 (6 Sept. at 0820 and 7 Sept. a.m. 2021) “Adoniah surely gonna die today.” Said Solomon, “I had my fill!” “As for you, Abiathar, just wait awhile I like the way you carried that ark (26) And with my dad, all that misery. So you’re fired and you can get on the […]

Truth Be Told

Truth be told, “Your life ain’t worth a shit Without the Lord Jesus,” So best repent right quick And turn it all around; Only in Him may right life be found. So get off your feeble crutches And pick up that iron cross. Run whole hog after the Boss! A mighty fine holy Savior, Help […]

David’s Charge to Solomon

2 Kings 2:7f. Be kind to the sons of Barzillai, But not that son of Gera called Shimei. That boy cursed me with a violent curse (8) On that day when I went to Mahanaim. Said, “I won’t put you to death by the sword. That traitor did us no good, So don’t let him […]

Judge Mark Scuri

Well Judge Mark Scuri was a fag And had to a job to do in the court. Problem was he liked to support Those folks who wanted to abort Those babies secure in the womb. Didn’t bother him to put ’em in a tomb; He was regular liberal pro-aborter. Could not have been much shorter […]

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