Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Corona Judgment

0835 on 11 April, 2020 The Lord is come (He’ll take some people out!) Some will go miserably Others rise with a shout Make sure you are ready Do not be a jerk Boldly rise to glory Or hide somewhere to lurk

A Corona Spring

Spring is here and There ain’t much cheer.  Folk are locked away With little to say to one another As they keep to themselves under cover In the hope that isolation Will be the protection they need To continue to feed on good air So they can breathe with ease and please One another with […]

The Gin Sippin’ Grocer

[Composed on 2 April in 10 minutes, prior to the drive to pick up Semnos from Covenant College] He met the gross grocer At the grocery Who had a heavy Hankerin’ to pee. Nothin’ he could do But grab a cup or two And hand it to him 1, 2, 3. He left him on […]

Wisdom for Youth

Dost thou piss against the wall And thy stones, be they intact? Didst thou have a nasty fall, Did they fall out of thy sack? Good man, if not, then hearken to me Listen to my sound advice Lest thou being caught too surly, Snare thy manhood in a vice. Steer clear of the wayward […]

The Lusts of the Flesh

The lusts of the flesh Never conquered They are suppressed RedirectedMay be reduced For a moment But rear up And astound us As we press onTo that goal Way over there On the horizon. Oh we’ll be risin’Incorruptible! Hang on, The road is rough. Be tough, His grace is enough. 0955, 30 March, 2020

Niggard Negroes and Witless Whites

As there are niggard Negroes There are many-a witless Whites. It matters not the label One levies upon another, Rather the character of the soul Whether rich in deeds of justice Or full with feigned benevolence. Make a case for a race that is pure! But who will endure When the scrutiny of the Almighty […]

Avoid Fornication!

Avoid fornication! Practice social distancing Look straight ahead Sneak no peaks Abstain from streaking Keep on clothes in the creek Have fun in the sun Hands off the buns Keep your wits Don’t stare at tits 26 March, 2020

Corona Prayer

That the virus yield “virtus” Rather than “stuprum” (The opposite of virtus). God is an excellent engineer. He will work His sanctifying purpose By means of plagues such as this “Corona Virus.” He is an engineer of character construction. He knows, in reformation of ill-developed personalities, Just what to cut and break and Tear down […]

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