Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Actors in the Kingdom: selections


It is a great word for us to ponder and to advocate in our present world of Christ-suppression and the consequent floundering in the darkness of Lawlessness.   It means, simply, “God inside” of another. A simple, old, Greek word.  “Get some the enthusiasm!” we might hear a coach yell as he rallies his team to […]

On Pandemic Panic

“Do not forsake the assembly”  (“except for persecution and pandemics,” says Second Delusions, Chapter 2?).  Maybe church leaders wish there were some pseudepigraphal dictates in some dusty scrolls somewhere which might justify their closing of church doors during the latest flu (Corona) season.  When Christians in times past faced not a little sickness, but execution […]

Capitol “Riots” May Well Be Justified

Why is NR so defensive about he “Capitol Riots”? https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/07/january-6-was-not-a-coup/ When you have Godless, Nazi-like, Pro-aborts in power, such a drastic situation calls for drastic action, the least of which is a “capitol riot”!   Revolution is well justified in response to the Nazi-like tyranny of a SCOTUS which has decreed the evil of child-slaughter (a.k.a. […]

Over the Brook Kidron

(2 Sam 15:20f.) They passed over the brook Kidron, David and all his men. ‘Twas a wrenching of the heart, indeed, But necessary to be freed From the war brought by Absalom; Had to head toward pagans and slums. It was bye-bye to Ittai, the Gittite, But that man wanted to do right. Said, “Wherever […]

Biden, Holiness, and Church Membership

Sorry, brethren, but I am puzzled, disheveled, disgusted, perturbed, disappointed, and pissed-off at the ongoing toleration by the Roman Catholic Church of Joe Biden on its membership roll.   How has this disgusting, Holocaustian, pervert (!) remained on the membership roles of the “Holy” Catholic Church? What does this policy do for those of us “Protestants” […]

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