Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Actors in the Kingdom: selections

A Nation Guilty

The whole damned nation is guiltyDemocrats for advocatingRepublicans for toleratingFive decades of baby butchery.We are a sick peopleAll worthy of death.Repentance alone will save usAnd only by the graceOf the One who died for peopleOf every nation.His mercy is more precious than gold.No time for shyness, but to be boldAnd revolt against the slaughtersOf sons […]

Treacherous “Prolifers”

8 Oct., 2020 On Those Treacherous “Prolifers” Who Condemn the Saviors On those Treacherous “Prolifers” Who Condemn the Saviors Now, let’s not get excited.  Nothing blasphemous here.  I mean savior with a small “s.”  It is capitalized above part of the title.  It references ne who saves babies from being butchered by means of direct, […]

Fans of Freedom

“Freedom!” declared William Wallace in that glorious film, “Braveheart” – starring Mel Gibson – as he died refusing to renounce the cause of the Scottish in pursuit of relief from the tyranny of the English.  (Yes, in this wicked world somebody is always abusing someone else.  In our time it’s ex utero folks killing in […]

On Patriotism

I think of those punk hippies who whined about our nation’s involvement in a war to keep communist oppression from continuing to abuse a nation of people in Viet Nam.  Their peace-love-lawless immorality was disgusting.  But I wonder about the state of our patriotism today.  Surely, we are glad to have Trump rather than the […]

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