Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wilmington Ohio

A Public Declaration on Sodomy

A Public Declaration from the Churches of God To the Community On Sodomy and the Desecration of Holy Matrimony Recommended by Michael Bray,  23 October, 2015 We were taught as children and then did teach our own children not to follow the crowd and do foolish things just because “everyone else” was doing them.   So […]

On the Resistance to the Advancement of Sodomy (Kentucky)

Michael Bray 8  September 2015 Since we have embarrassed God –  no, slighted Him –  no, offended Him  by our selfish stupidity, observable among all the peoples – we have a big problem. We have tolerated rather than prosecuted the practice of sexual perversion.  Now, we who have refused to oppose evil will ourselves be opposed […]

Tom Condit at Women Betrayed Rally in Cincinnati, 28 July, 2015 at Planned Parenthood

See the video here: He begins with apologies for his profession: “It is its twisted lawyers and its twisted judges which got us here.” One of his favorites scenes from the film industry, he recounts, comes out of  “The Exorcist.”  There is a scene where the  priest somberly warns those who are contending with the […]

Tom Condit, Esq., in Front of Planned Barrenhood in Cincinnati

Delivers a Speech Before a Crowd of a Few Hundred 28 July, 2015 The Theme is “Women Betrayed” following the rash of reports on PP’s exploitation of women and trafficking in baby parts. He begins with apologies for his profession: “It is its twisted lawyers and its twisted judges which got us here.” One of […]

Four Chaplains: Three Christians

4 Feb., 2015 Mayor Riley has used his bully pulpit well on many occasions, cheering us on as a city, as a community. And he has done well in urging us to good citizenship, inspiring us through his Wilmington News Journal columns to be thankful by pointing us to the many excellent features and opportunities […]

Dealing with the Decadent Day of Silence

April, 2008 Before discussing very briefly a thought about the Day of Silence, it seems good to clarify appropriate terminology for discussing the topic of homosexuals and the proper way to treat them in the public school: whether with disdain and aloofness on the one hand or indifference and toleration on the other. Let us […]

Higher Education in Wilmington

3 May, 2010 College mission statements, like ancient laws, national codes and constitutions, sometimes fall into desuetude – out of fashion, out of favor, ignored.   If such statements or decrees are alleged to reflect Divine law, then the people – now indifferent –  have gone astray.  If there is no Law (as Modernists would have […]

Flying the Flag(s)

17 July 2007 To bar or not to bar the (Confederate) flag at fair booths is the question asked and answered by the editor (Journal, 17 July 2007).  Mr. Huffenberger alleges the flag to be “an emblem of slavery,” a “racist symbol” unbefitting the “fairground landscape.” Before attempting to utter a word in defense of […]

Day of Decadence

17 February 2009 Anno Domini Citizen of Wilmington: As we approach spring, a new school-sponsored club, the “Gay Straight Alliance” (GSA) is planning its Day of Silence (with the help of its two Wilmington High School faculty “advisors”) for April 17, 2009. This is the second “Day of Silence” event which has occurred at Wilmington […]

Wilmington or Pottersville?

Michael Bray 23 July 2008 Wilmington or Pottersville? What’s God got to do with it? How many times have you wondered or heard another speculate (or expostulate) upon the role of the Deity concerning world events: He brought this or that judgment or blessing? More often, in modern times, we are more inclined to ascribe […]

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