Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wars, Just and Unjust

Order, Police, and BLM Bull

(A meditation from one who spent 46 months and 10 days in jail) A specific application of a principle of citizenship – honoring police – may be considered in the mistreatment afforded them by the BLM insurrectionists.  These Godless, treacherous delinquents ought not to be treated as “protestors” but as treacherous delinquents who despise government.  […]

Shamgar Delivers

Shamgar struck 600 with an ox goad; Down went those nasty Philistines. But Israel just couldn’t get it right And did evil again after Ehud died. So the Lord turned ’em over to King Jabin. Had a commander Sisera with 900 men. With chariots they bugged Israel 20 years, But Deborah became Israel’s boss And […]

Prayer for ANTIFA

O Lord, save those ANTIFA jackasses.  Move upon their hearts!  Redirect their energies!  Use them for Your glory.  There are babies out there that need salvation.  There are abortuaries across the land that need to be “addressed.”  Convert their lost souls and re-direct their zeal; use their talents.  O Lord, You did bless them with […]

Real Godly Revolution

The nation cannot abide baby-butchery any more than it could survive manstealing.  (Slavery, even manstealing, is de facto less heinous than the murder of a child! Duh!)  The citizenry ought not to expect grace to last for decades, much less a half century! (How long O Lord will you hold back judgment and deliverance from […]

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