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Author of A Time To Kill

Polytheistic Statism v. Christocracy

On Democracy: Two Sides to Every Issue!

Michael Bray December, 2013 The popularity of “freedom” is such that the lust for it trumps concerns for the rights of those who aren’t fashionable among the liberators –  those, saviors,  who are liberating humanity from any laws which inhibit . . . “freedom.”  Primary among the oppressors are those pesky “anti-choicers” who would impose their […]

Give Us Russo America

Michael Bray 21 Sept., 2013 I remember well that time when my dad, as a naval officer, went off to Viet Nam in the 60s.  Thankfully, he was away from the dreadful ground fighting carried out by American foot soldiers.  When I went to the U.S. Naval Academy (for just a year) in 1970 as […]

U.S. vs. Christendom

Capitol Area Christian News Spring, 1999 Title of a recent article by Free Congress Foundation’s director of Center for Cultural Conservatism, Bill Lind. Though apostate, we are a Christian culture. Our money says “In God We Trust” and our military grave yards are full of crosses, not stars of David or crescents. Yet “the U.S. […]

God’s Law For Modern Man

Brian Schwertley http://reformedonline.com/view/reformedonline/law.htm Introduction The biblical teaching regarding God’s law has been perverted and neglected by many churches during the twentieth century. The law has been treated as if it were the enemy of mankind. The reasons for this are manifold. The theological system called Dispensationalism has dominated Fundamentalist and Evangelical churches for over a […]

Learning from our Muslim Friends:

Sodomy: A Capital Experience Michael Bray 8 Jan., 2002 Let us give thanks. In the midst of all the daily bad news ever blaring out of this post-Christian world, there occasionally sounds a note of hope, reminding us that God’s justice and the eventual dominion thereof can be found in the most unsuspecting of places. […]

No Time for Rape in Arabia:

Another One Bites the Dust Michael Bray 23 May 2002 The Saudi’s are illustrating the Almighty’s craft in bringing good out of evil. They executed yet another homosexual pervert on 18 May according to an AP report out of Riyadh on that date. On the auspicious first of January of this year, three sodomites were […]

Our Muslim Friends and the Law of God

Michael Bray January, 2006 Our Muslim friends may be paving the way for the Law of Christ. They offer an alternative to atheist, secularist, so-called “religiously neutral” governments of modern times. Such can never retain the respect of the people and must give way to a government which establishes laws derived from revelation from a […]

Muslims, Christians, and the State-god

Michael Bray 25 Oct. 2001 Below is an article by Daniel Pipes (Washington Times, 25 October, 2001) regarding the popularity of bin Laden in the Muslim world. It is no fringe of the Islamic world which enthuses over his deeds. A great plurality if not the majority of Muslims despise what they regard to be […]

Family Values: the Fruit of the Nation of Islam

Capitol Area Christian News Winter, 1998 An AP report in the Washington Times (16 Nov.) tells about a convict named Lord Premier who was hauled away “to a prison within a prison at Evans Correctional Institution in Bennetsville, S.C. Mr. Premier is a member of a religious organization known as the Five Percenters. They call […]

Buchanan: Disestablishing Statism

Capitol Area Christian News Spring, 1996 One could expect the shunning of Pat Buchanan, the outsider, by insiders. The GOP political establishment shudders to think that the “unelectable” Buchanan might gain the nomination and lead the party to defeat against Clinton. A reasonable concern. But big wigs in the party played dirty with their fears. […]

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