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The Problem of “Nomophobia”

Michael Bray 18 June, 2016 One of the great examples of political propaganda nomenclature of our time is the term “homophobe.” Communicators, cultural revolutionaries, and activists of all sorts delight in the use of clever – even nefarious –  neologisms to advocate for a principle or cause.  For example, political euphemisms such as  “liberal” and […]

Pastor Swapping

29 February, 2016 The Wilmington News Journal (Wilmington, Ohio) has been featuring sermons from four pastors from as many churches in town swapping pastors among themselves: Wilmington Church of Christ,  Dove,  Church of God (A-Street), and Faith Family Church. The topic was marriage and the unspoken impetus was the decree regarding marriage recently issued by the U.S. […]

A Public Declaration on Sodomy

A Public Declaration from the Churches of God To the Community On Sodomy and the Desecration of Holy Matrimony Recommended by Michael Bray,  23 October, 2015 We were taught as children and then did teach our own children not to follow the crowd and do foolish things just because “everyone else” was doing them.   So […]

God’s Law For Modern Man

Brian Schwertley Introduction The biblical teaching regarding God’s law has been perverted and neglected by many churches during the twentieth century. The law has been treated as if it were the enemy of mankind. The reasons for this are manifold. The theological system called Dispensationalism has dominated Fundamentalist and Evangelical churches for over a generation. […]

Prosecuting Old Nazi Guards and Young Clinic Workers

October, 2011 “Josias Kumpf participated in a 1943 Nazi operation that resulted in the murder of thousands of innocent victims. His culpability in this atrocity does not diminish with the passage of time,” said acting Assistant Attorney General Matthew Friedrich in June of 2008 when the decision was first announced to deport him. A press […]

An Epiphany for Christmas

  An Epiphany for Christmas 2008 How does a local community stop such things as the coming of abortuaries, casinos, strip joints, and sodomy parades? It passes zoning restrictions at the behest of the local churches who speak out against wickedness and urge local rulers to stand for goodness and justice as true civil authorities […]

The Bowie Creed and Declaration

(The following creed and declaration was composed by the RLC in 2002 but not circulated.  It was intended for use to mobilize the pastors and their churches to carry out the whole mission of the churches of God. – July, 2011)  The Bowie Creed and Declaration (January, 2002) 1. There is only one God, the […]

Lousey Christian Journalism

August, 2011 It is presumed that those who are in positions of authority as teachers of the Scriptures and analysts of the times ─ who discern the issues and evaluate moral matters by means of the Standard of Christian morality ─ would pursue their duty with honesty, integrity, and with courage. Ah, but be not […]

Wisconsin Churches to the Lead

REFORMATION LUTHERAN CHURCH P.O. Box 544 Bowie, MD 20715 301-262-0145 · mbray@ccconline.net Pastors: Michael Bray, M.A.                 Exsurgat Deus Michael Colvin, Ph.D. 22 August 2001 Wisconsin Christians United PO Box 771 Monroe, Wisconsin 53566   Dear WCU, Please accept our signatures in affirmation of your written statement: “As a pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ, […]

Good Spankings

August, 2011 The following short report and commentary is taken from the Summer, 1994 issue of Capitol Area Christian News.  It points up fundamental principles of parenting toward which the American federal government is hostile.  Laws enacted in the late 20th century by post-Christian western civilization have become increasingly hostile to basic Christian law: the […]

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