Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Political Ministry of the Churches of God

Endless Dancing

Thank you Lord, for the Truth you stored In the minds of those holy prophets! They preached to and taught those peoples And in their honor were erected steeples To remind the world of works well done, Marshaling the followers of the Son To bring the news that  everyone needs By works of service and […]

Ohio Need Not Drift

Ohio need not drift along Singing that D.C. song. The feds don’t know what’s best For the states and all the rest Of the world as it drifts away Following that old pagan way About liberty and independence From the Law of God. What nonsense! Downright stupid, we must declare, Turning your life into a […]

Kick Oregon Out of the Union!

The state is a disgrace!  In the name of freedom of speech they tolerate demonic anarchy!  Yeah!  And all proceeding from a cowering toleration of rioting punks who claim to be honoring a derelict chump named George Floyd!  The state leaders are wholly inept! Incompetent! Disloyal!  Failures!  Kick them out and let the rest of […]

Pro-abort “Christian” Politicians

18 May, 2021 I am thankful for the reporting provided by Lifesite News on the efforts of those within the RC church to urge leadership to discipline two of their most prominent sinners – Pelosi and Biden.  In response to the rebuke of her by the Archbishop, one Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco (the spirit of […]

BLM Bullshit

Anybody calling out these left-wing punks?  These anarchist, pro-abort, commie frauds posing as champions of racial justice?  The cause for this particular rant is the report on the conviction of Officer Derek Chauvin.  I know nothing the man’s personal life; I have only read of the tragic death which occurred in the line of duty […]

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