Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Political Ministry of the Churches of God

The Triple Effers!

(FFF: Fags for Effing Freedom) 5 March, 2020 A synonym (“alternym”? “alternom”? Okay, nickname!) for sodomites seeking “gay rights.”  The Triple Effers.  The Dems  have truly become a coagulum of clowns, fornicators, sodomites, fools, and ghouls.  Once you abandon a standard, Truth – the determinant of right and wrong – you just go crazy!    […]

Buttigieg’s Gig

Buttigieg’s gig is baby-gigging, Dig? He has no sense of right or wrong Like the hippies with the bong He get’s his wisdom from the popular song He knows not what is right and good Dreams up his own ethics Like the boys in the ‘hood Whatever seems good is good Like the Dems He […]

February Februation!

17 February, 2020 Oh February!  What a Dark Past You Have! The Februarius Mensis, the cleansing month, so-called because of the festival Februa (see februum: “religious purification” and Februa, the Roman feast of purification held on 15 February) reminds us of the pagan past from which Western (and especially Christian) civilization emerged.   (Thanks be to […]

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