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Is Homosexual Orientation Sinful?

The following is an abridgement of Denny Burk’s essay which was published in the Spring, 2015 issue of the quarterly Journal of the Evangelical Theological Evangelical Theological Society 2825 Lexington Road, Box 927 Louisville, KY 40208-0001 Excerpted from the 20-page article here:  JETS_58-1_95-115_Burk   Get the whole issue or subscribe by contacting the ETS at the address above. […]

Some Tips on Revitalizing Your Marriage

“Postcard .   .   . from the Edge” The outlandish bi-monthly article prepared for our flagship Life Advocate magazine 7 February, 1998, Anno Domini For the month of our Lord, March Some Tips on Revitalizing Your Marriage My Jayne has been dancing like a gazelle about the house since late January.  She is altogether beautiful.  And […]

A Suitor’s Qualifications

The following, published in Capitol Area Christian News in 1997, generated no successful suitors. And to this day, none of our nine daughters are married! But they are all engaged in noble and gainful employment. We are thankful for their love for us and honor they have always showed us, and for their devotion to […]

Tammy Skinner: Confused and Abused Murderess

Michael Bray 4 August, 2006 On the morning of Feb. 23, 2006, she shot herself in the stomach killing her full-term baby.  (Virginia, attempting to mitigate the current federal-court-imposed national abortion policy which has evolved into “partial birth abortions” across the fruited plain, had outlawed abortions in the third trimester.  Folks did not want to […]

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