Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Family Matters

Ikeman, The Eggman

Ikeman, the eggman Fries ’em every day; Downs those eggs, I say! A fella might say, “No way!” Yeah, he swallows ’em down Fast as a blood hound Runnin’ after that prey! Said, “He’s an egg-eatin’ man!” And he’s doin’ all he can To teach those kids And coach those boys Not messin’ round with […]

Barzillai Was a Very Old Guy

(2 Sam. 19) Barzillai was a very old guy Said, “Why should I cross over? I don’t want to be a burden to the king! (35) Go on and do your own thing. Eighty years old, don’t know up from down. Can’t taste what I eat or even fool around. I need to go home […]

A Selfish Fellow

A selfish fellow I am, indeed. I want a good life; I get me a wife And she gets me some children to love. But soon they fly away like that dove In my yard every morning. They return now and then, again and again And we’re glad for what we’ve been given: Lives to […]

The Passing of Linda Bray

I heard this day of the passing of Linda Bray A cousin of mine living far away, One I knew nothing of but that she was there In New Jersey with other distant kin. Never lived there with those cousins, Ghiglias and plenty of dozens. Whoops!  That was a happy mistake! Just heard that this […]

Amnon Was A Bad, Bad Boy

2 Sam. 13 Amnon was a bad, bad boy Thinking he could be all coy Getting’ in on with Absalom’s sister. And it turned out down right sinister! Jonadab had a plan for him to get Tamar Said, “Lie down and pretend to be ill. Set yourself up for an amorous thrill. When your dad […]

The Courting Is Cool

The courting is cool But look out for the woo! Take stock and beware. Monitor your actions and dare Not to fall into an affair Where you give not a care For what is right and stare At one another most sillily, Losing your wits and sensibility Along with all ability To keep hold of […]

They Had Pets to Pet

The older brothers and sisters Had pets to pet. And when there were no pets, They had Petra to pet. But poor Petra had no pets So what is a Petra to do not to fret? Can’t just pine away and get upset! Well, along came Heidi and Jesse Had some dogs, not too messy. […]

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