Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Character – or not

Truth Be Told

Truth be told, “Your life ain’t worth a shit Without the Lord Jesus,” So best repent right quick And turn it all around; Only in Him may right life be found. So get off your feeble crutches And pick up that iron cross. Run whole hog after the Boss! A mighty fine holy Savior, Help […]

Sick Nation

7 Sept., 2021 National Review writer Brittany Bernstein reports in a 6 Sept. 2021 article, “You cannot be a ‘Good Catholic’ and support abortion.”  https://www.nationalreview.com/news/pelosis-archbishop-you-cannot-be-a-good-catholic-and-support-abortion/ Hmm. “Well,” one wants to say, “no shit?” Have we finally come to the light of this mighty epiphany?  50 YEARS into the holocaust and “the Church” figures out that […]

Biden, the Apostate

On Biden’s Standing as a Good Catholic Why has “The Church” failed to excommunicate this mega heretic? (“Now dat doh make no see-ance” as some observers might say. Excommunication is for heretics and unrepentant sinners.  And Biden, an un-equivocating advocate of the abortion holocaust, is both.  So why the dereliction in carrying out the verdict?)  […]

Judge Mark Scuri

Well Judge Mark Scuri was a fag And had to a job to do in the court. Problem was he liked to support Those folks who wanted to abort Those babies secure in the womb. Didn’t bother him to put ’em in a tomb; He was regular liberal pro-aborter. Could not have been much shorter […]

Mask Mandate Meditation

Politicians – pro-life and pro-abort – seem confident that they can act above and outside the law in their issuing of mask-mandates!  Are they confident, perhaps, that they are doing the right thing and fairly well assured that they will get a plurality of support from the population? Whence this bold lawlessness? Would that they had such resolve and chutzpah […]

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