Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Character – or not

To Babies Born

Boom! Did you hear that? Ah!  Sweet, sweet music! Yo’ didn’t hear it? Boom!  It’s the sound of An abortuary burning! Sweet, sweet music To my ears So it’s cheers To those fellows And ladies (let’s not Forget those ladies!) O let us pray For another day Of joy for a boy Or even a […]

Ancestry Dot Com

Ancestry Dot Com You got nothin’ comin’Adam is your boss He brought the loss You got that thing within They call it sin And it puts a din On all you do You can’t win You got it right in you Nothin’ you can do But repent, take hold Get bold and say “Hey” to […]

Who You Momma?

Who you Momma?Your Mom is the oneWho looks after your life.Like a wifeShe cares for you over all.She is the one who broughtYou into the world and soughtTo make you all you might be.Oh that you could seeWhat a wonder she be!There will come a dayWhen she will go awayNever to be seen againThat place […]

Overwhelmed by Sins of Omission

I adjure you to abjure asinine jesting And jocularly to  join with Jesus. Jettison juvenile joys and jump on the Bandwagon as we bust balls And break wind without whining While we wind our way through days of Dreary drudgery dreadfully facing Fearful foes and friends forsaking Foolish ways while we wander wistfully Wither we […]

The Big Ten (in verse)

You shall have no other gods but Me, Before no idol bow the knee; Take not the name of God in vain, Nor dare the Sabbath day profane; Give both your parents honor due; Take heed that you no murder do; Abstain from words and deeds unclean; Nor steal, though you be poor and mean; […]

Corona – 13 April

Corona Virus He’ll Take Some People Out! Do all your duties. Be ready for the end. Leave all your cuties. To whom will He you send? Pack up your troubles In your old kit bag. Don’t look for a moment At that nasty hag. It comes upon us – down To people all around. Death […]

Corona Judgment

0835 on 11 April, 2020 The Lord is come (He’ll take some people out!) Some will go miserably Others rise with a shout Make sure you are ready Do not be a jerk Boldly rise to glory Or hide somewhere to lurk

The Gin Sippin’ Grocer

[Composed on 2 April in 10 minutes, prior to the drive to pick up Semnos from Covenant College] He met the gross grocer At the grocery Who had a heavy Hankerin’ to pee. Nothin’ he could do But grab a cup or two And hand it to him 1, 2, 3. He left him on […]

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