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You Don’t Want Portman Watching Your Back

10 Nov., 2016 You Don’t Want Portman Watching Your Back . . .Unless You’re Pretty Hard Up After Jesus, my next favorite candidate for the 2016 Presidential race would have been Ben Carson. These failing, I was left with Mr. Trump.  But I like him a ton more than Hitlery.  And the Lord knows I […]


Michael Bray 30 August, 2016 It is long past time to clarify and clean out the party. Determine what you believe, bottom line, and then reject candidates which violate the code.  Take for a bottom line a candidate who holds to the Ten Commandments.  We haven’t seen that standard since, well, maybe Charlemagne.  But it […]

On the Resistance to the Advancement of Sodomy (Kentucky)

Michael Bray 8  September 2015 Since we have embarrassed God –  no, slighted Him –  no, offended Him  by our selfish stupidity, observable among all the peoples – we have a big problem. We have tolerated rather than prosecuted the practice of sexual perversion.  Now, we who have refused to oppose evil will ourselves be opposed […]

Yishai Schlissel and the Israeli Sodomites

Michael Bray 1 August, 2015 http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33726634 Yishai Schlissel and the Israeli Sodomites What is a Righteous Jew to Do? Yishai Schlissel, a devout Jew, indeed an Orthodox one living in Israel, stabbed six sodomy advocates who were marching in a parade in promotion of the commission of  a capital crime (under the Law of God). […]

Tale of Two Academy Lives

Veterans Day, 12 November, 2012 Tale of Two Academy Lives General Petraeus and I entered military academies within a month of graduating from high school in 1970. Our homes and high schools were within an hour’s drive from our prospective institutions: his West Point, New York, and mine, Annapolis, Maryland. I cheered for the midshipmen […]

Notes on Plundering

From “The Radical Fringe” Capitol Area Christian News, Spring, 1999 Notes on Plundering Robert E. Cook Consider, then, the unregenerate thief. Surely God has given him skills with which to plunder for righteousness sake rather than to steal for his own pleasure. But in a fallen world, God’s people don’t generally use their gifts perfectly. […]

Child Control: A Eulogy for Charles Provan

Michael Bray Dec., 2007 A champion of truth died on 11 December, 2007. We express our gratitude to God for Charles Provan’s influence against population control (contraception). He advanced Biblical arguments in support of fertility and against efforts to thwart the divine blessings of children in a book entitled, The Bible and Birth Control (1989). […]

Beer Wars and Real Wars

Michael Bray 17 December 2003 USAFA’s Reactionary Expulsion of Good Soldiers Cadet David Ryan Urton is about to be ejected from the Air Force Academy for buying beer where minors (20-year-old classmates) were present. The junior has, otherwise, a sterling record.  My son was one of the cadets for whom the beer was allegedly purchased.  […]

Love that Paula Jones

CACN, Fall, 1997 Love that Paula Jones My favorite prayer topic is the Paula Jones case. (I have to admit, it does appeal to my baser instincts.) The front page bi-line of the Washington Times (15 Oct.) was all about the President of the United States’s membrum virile and a certain “distinguishing characteristic” thereof. It […]

Meditations on Racism

CACN, Spring, 1999 Meditations on Racism I personally don’t encounter it. I am sure I could if I hung around with some baser people. No doubt that mind-set, thoroughly trashed in the public arena, lurks in some recalcitrant hearts out there in the heartland as well as the cities. But the doctrine and practice of […]

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