Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Character – or not


Times there are (rare) When my honey Starts a-cussin’ Well I get a-goin’ And a-funnin’ With her a bitAnd my oh my There she goes And even bigger words a-flyin’Don’t give a shit Oh what a fit Lo and beholdI calm her down Then a frown Finally even a smile All the while I can’t […]

Corona Blues

15 March, 2020 (10 minutes) Would you break Fellowship To save your life?Then what kind of life Would it be?You fear the Corona,It may be bologna.Duly we shall see.But ’til thenWe press to the endUnshaken by threats around.No one can harm usNo thing formed againstCan trump the will of God.His might unsurpassed,His own He will […]


14 March, 2020 It is not any more or less respectable than joblessness or “friendlessness.” The underlying question is, “Why?”  Is a vagrant’s vagrancy a result of a calamity or a product of dereliction of duty?   Does the vagrant have no friend because his is a friend to no one?  Or is all the world […]

Scott Roeder Still Locked Away in 2020

Jonathan O’Toole has provided an excellent tribute to the work of Scott Roeder re his service to humanity, viz., the termination of abortionist George Tiller, for which, to the shame of the nation, Roeder remains imprisoned.  You will enjoy a resurrected song from THE Elvis, reformulated and delivered with skill and style. Here is the […]

Morning meditation

28 Feb., 2020 On Our Stay Among “Believer Baptizers” We have enjoyed our fellowship and our membership in a church here in Ohio which baptizes only those who “believe” (confessing their faith) and excludes the children of those believers from baptism until such time as they “feel” saved and affirm the faith in which they […]


We wander and wander Wander as if we had no wits Wander, wander, wander Looking for butts and tits. The Lord is above looking, Calling us up to Him. But we look down And all around Searching for sights and feeling. The world is bare! Avoid the snare Of searching and tasting and seeing. Being […]

A Tribute to the Blessings from Our Lord

14 Oct., 2019 The names they tell a story Of Michael and Jayne Bray Of the times in life that they Encountered along the way The first was Elli unplanned And soon came another – one Jonas The man Dove soaring above Dragging them to a new kind of love No longer just us partners […]

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